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Chicago Startup Wants To Help You Buy Home Insurance With an App

York flooded street

A Chicago-based startup is looking to make applying and getting homeowners insurance much easier. Kin Insurance, which was founded by Sean Harper, Lucas Ward, Jason Heidcamp, and Sebastian Villareal, is merging the insurance world and the digital age. Kin is

Study Shows Poor Oral Health Contributes to Senior Malnutrition

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has named poor dental hygiene as a contributing factor for malnutrition in elderly Americans. With around 47.2% of all adults above the age of 30 already suffering from some form

Workers’ Comp Reform Left Out Of Illinois Budget, Concerning Businesses

Putting a halt on legislative back-and-forth, Illinois lawmakers have voted to approve a new state budget. But some critics point out that the plan has ignored workers’ compensation reform. The Chicago Tribune reports that the vote was instated to override Gov. Bruce

Lawsuit Claims Discrimination at Chicago Water Department

Working at a municipal water department isn’t always easy. There are hazards when working in the confined spaces, and the occasional loud noises reaching over 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage. But employees at the Chicago Water Department faced a

Cop Who Beat Handcuffed African American Woman Also Owns Several Racist Websites

Another day, another example of police brutality. In this case, the victim lived to tell the tale and will even get a settlement from the city of Chicago. In an incident from 2014, Patassa Johnson alleged Sgt. George Granias beat

Creative Commercial Center Boxes Up Bronzeville’s Community Development

Fresh market fruits and vegetables

Residents of Chicago’s Bronzeville district will now have easier access to fresh produce and other goods thanks to a new community shopping center. But this commercial hub isn’t like other stores in Chicago. It’s made out of shipping containers. Chicago

IBM Giveth, IBM Taketh Away: What IBM’s Discontinuation Of Telework Means For Remote Employees


IBM is credited with paving the way for corporations to embrace teleworking options. For decades, the corporation allowed large segments of its employees to telecommute. These days, 65% of professionals say they allow their employees to work remotely, likely thanks

Chicago Holocaust Survivor Finally Gets Bar Mitzvah 76 Years Later

Photo c/o Nancy Stone for the Chicago Tribune

Jewish war survivors who haven’t been able to celebrate coming of age ceremonies in their faith are finally getting a chance to do so. In Jewish culture, a bar and bat mitzvah is a coming of age celebration for boys

Former Lincoln Log Factory To Become 606 Self-Storage Facility In 2018


The average American family has an incredible 300,000 items in their home, and if they live in a big city like Chicago, it can be a hassle to keep that many possessions under one roof. But thankfully there are storage

New Property Tax Hike Raises Old Concerns

A new property tax hike for Chicago homeowners is reviving concerns about the way Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios and his office valued homes. To many Chicago homeowners, the property tax seems specifically designed to benefit the rich and burden