Back alley abortions return

Ann Gerber

05/23/2012 10:00 PM

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DESPERATE WOMEN are taking matters into their own hands as state legislatures impose more and more restrictions to make it difficult, if not impossible, for women to get safe, legal abortions.

PUNCTURING THE UTERUS with metal dress hangers comes to mind. Paying to have non-medical quacks perform any number of painful, deadly procedures comes to mind. Roe vs. Wade is on the ropes. Planned Parenthood is the target of fanatic anti-choice groups that don’t want a female to be able to get an abortion even in cases of rape, incest, life-threatening illness or pregnancy complications.

A RAPE VICTIM IS FORCED to have the baby of a sick, mentally ill, drug-addicted or HIV/AIDS carrying criminal? Where is the humanity? An incest victim in her teens should be forced to become a mother under such vile circumstances?

STATES PASSED 64 new anti-abortion laws and introduced 900 new restrictions just last year alone. A 32-year-old Idaho mother of three was arrested for inducing an abortion with drugs obtained over the Internet. She said she could not afford a legal medical procedure and now faces a felony conviction and five years in jail.

A MEXICAN MIGRANT in South Carolina, with three kids, served three months in jail for inducing her own abortion with pills. In Iowa, a pregnant 22-year-old was charged with “attempted feticide” on the suspicion that she threw herself down a flight of stairs to end her pregnancy.

THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? This is a country where abortion is legal and should be resolved between a woman and her doctor?

IN A CHILLING ARTICLE on by Michelle Goldberg, she stresses that “the idea that women being jailed for such desperate acts may seem inconceivable in liberal enclaves, but, in fact, it’s a slowly encroaching reality.”

THE CRUELTY OF ANTI-ABORTION RESTRICTIONS shows us that fanatic right-to-lifers are working to turn women who need help into criminals, denying them their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — and a fair resolution of their health needs.

WHO OWNS OUR BODIES? Let it not be the cold hearted men and women who want to impose their rigid, judgmental lifestyles on the rest of us.

Gossip, gossip, gossip

WHO IS THE ATTRACTIVE BRUNETTE socialite who thinks her ex-husband, who dumped her nine years ago for his kids’ nanny, is coming back to her? She has told him, and the immediate world, that she wants him home, knows he is only going through a mid-life crisis, and that he still loves her. Her friends are shocked that she still calls him every day, sends gifts and casseroles, and refuses to date.

FAMED FILM MAKER HASKELL WEXLER, here to film the NATO protests, stayed with Sue Wexler Mazzone, his sister-in-law who was wed to the late Jerry Wexler, stepdad of actress Daryl Hannah.

RECUPERATING FROM EMERGENCY SURGERY is Laurie Davis of vintage shop Lulu at the Belle Kay.

ARE WE THE ONLY ONES who thought Beyonce looked like a big tuna caught in a crazed fisherman’s net when she paraded in that overdone black lace peek-a-boo Givenchy gown at the Met gala in New York City?

THE DEATH OF ALEX WOOD PRINCE, son of the late William and Eleanor Wood Prince, and brother of Billy, has saddened all who knew him.



CAN OPRAH GET HER GROVE BACK? That’s the title of the James Wolcott article in the current Vanity Fair mag about her declining fortunes on TV. He cites similar “celeb brand failures” of Charlie Sheen, Simon Cowell, Conan O’Brien, Keith Olbermann, Howard Stern and Rush Windbag as typical of how a star’s luster can fade. The Rosie O’Donnell fiasco and Oprah’s OWN channel failure to ignite have left Winfrey fighting a dramatic flameout, Wolcott asserts, but she is still a powerhouse, “a haloed brand.” People are sick of the no-talent Kartrashians, but no one is sick of Oprah, he concludes.

THE GAY MARRIAGE DEBATE, ENLIVENED WITH OBAMA, has made the handsome gold wedding bands created by jeweler Mariucz Zaleski a timely treasure. He has sculpted two male bodies with heads touching in an embrace and made unique rings. Singer Michael Feinstein, wed to Chicagoan Terrance Flannery, was so impressed with the design he bought them for himself and his partner.

WE LOST MARILYN MONROE TO PALM SPRINGS, thanks to interior designer Jerry Sanfilippo and hair stylist Spyros Petros, who have a winter home there and worked to get the mammoth statue to grace their town. They are welcome to her. She was getting a bit shabby looking. Besides, we and the tourists are fickle.

A BRITISH ROSE, MAMIE WALTON, popular philanthropist and widow of “The Prince,” carpet/insurance tycoon Julius Walton, will be the Illinois Eye Bank’s Woman of Vision at the June 14 benefit at the Peninsula Hotel. To honor the beautiful Brit, the event will be a posh night at Annabel’s, London’s veddy best cabaret/private club, with dining, dancing and pizzazz. Royalty frequented the elegant downstairs nightclub and Sinatra, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Diane Ross and Lady Gaga have performed there. (The night we were there years ago, we saw Prince Charles and Camilla.) Dr. Joel Sugar will be the Gift of Sight honoree and the gilt-edged social crowd will be sure to attend. Dress to thrill, commands the invite.

SONGSTRESS BARBARA COOK sings for her supper July 16 at a Sarah Siddons gala at the Ritz where she will receive the coveted award for 2012.

WHO KNEW ACTRESS DREW BARRYMORE would become a wine aficionado and grow her own grapes in Italy for a superior pinot grigio? It sells for $20 a bottle and it received a gold medal at Le Challenge International du Vin in France. You may recall that at 13, Drew told People mag that she was addicted to alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. Thankfully, she survived her terrible teens. The Barrymore family crest is on the bottle.

SUSAN LUCCI expects to be back on TV in a hot new series, ABC’s “Devious Maids” by Marc Cherry of Desperate Housewives fame. It is about four maids who work for rhymes with witches. She also is set to host a show called Deadly Affairs about crimes of passion. You can’t keep Erica Kane out of our lives.

LUNCHING AT THE ARTS CLUB were the Met Museum of Art in New York’s former director Philippe de Montebello with designer Todd Schwebel and curator Suzanne McCullagh.

ALL THAT GLITTERS WAS GOLD when socialite Sue Carey wore a golden halo hat to the Service Club’s hat luncheon at the Chicago Club. Kathy Piccone, Tina Weller, Mary Lasky, Sherrill Bodine, Larisa Kronfeld, Tiffani Kim, Lynda Silverman, Averill Leviton, Mamie Walton, Vonita Reescer, Bonnie Rickard, Terri Ryan, Karen Peters, Leslie Zentner, Heather Farley, Shirley Michaels, Laurie Davis and Elizabeth Brodsky were also in stunning headgear.

PUTTING ON THE RITZ for the 10th anniversary of the Joffrey Ballet’s women’s board are co-chairs Liz Ryan and Sophie Bross planning one sensational luncheon June 14. Tina Sloan, who was in The Black Swan, will speak and historic ballet costumes will be shown at the Ritz event. One auction prize is a Fashion Week stay in Paris.

LAUREN RAPISAND has joined Macy’s PR team … Jill Hurwitz is now hyping the Grant Park Music Festival.

STEPPENWOLF RAISED $1 MILLION at its gala with 550 supporters. Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band kept everyone dancing.

BUSY PLANNING THE JUNE 1 summer ball of the Boys & Girls Club are Anne Patel and Corinne Richman with the event scheduled for the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel. Tickets are $600.

CELEBS STANDING UP FOR A GAY MOM OUSTED as a Boy Scout Leader include Julianne Moore, Fran Drescher, Kelly Osbourne and Jane Leeves. More than 300,000 signed petitions for her reinstatement.

ALL WET AND WONDERFUL is the Shedd Aquarium’s Luminescence gala June 9 with a water spectacular, dining and dancing. Sarah Garvey is chair and Ted Beattie is president and CEO.

OUR KIM NOVAK, once a hot blond queen of the Silver Screen, will be honored June 14 with a Cinematic Icon Award from the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society.

TWO GORGEOUS GALS, Natasha Isaacs and Eva Jakubowski were standouts at the Joffrey Ballet’s gala. Also rating raves was a dazzling gown by Mark Roscoe worn by elegant Margaret O’Connor, shown with Dr. Michael O’Meara. Roscoe will be one of the featured designers in the 50 & Beautiful fashion show July 18 at the Drake Hotel where older lovelies will strut their stuff.

MARK AND JAMIE WEYERMULLER attended the Derby Day party for the Heartland Alliance in Benton Harbor, Mich. Heartland raises funds to house the homeless.

HOT URBAN POP ARTIST CHRISTACY sang new singles at a River North launch. Body Language is his exclusive release and was heard at the Board Room, 343 W. Erie St. with “Be Your Man” and “Ooh La La.”


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