Welcoming 2010 with a noble spirit

12/30/2009 10:00 PM

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I am delighted to share the following beautiful holiday season “feel-good” experience, which happened to me in my neighborhood (Diversey Parkway) Starbucks café.

On Christmas Eve, I, a New York–raised Orthodox Jew, approached a counter to place an order when a Muslim man I had never spoken to (but had seen in that café) asked if he might buy me a coffee and a pastry as well! I smilingly thanked him and accepted.

This spontaneous act of random kindness reminded me of what our human potential is. Pretty simple, actually. How could one not feel warmed, inspired, and optimistic because of this marvelous human interaction?

Let us welcome 2010 in that noble spirit, please. I continue to be reminded that suffering is optional.

Leon J. Hoffman, PhD
Lake View

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