Let cooler heads prevail on Parker lights

Letter to the editor

02/23/2011 10:00 PM

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“Lights Out at Francis Parker” (Feb. 17) described, once again, the heated discussion between that school and its neighbors in the community. The issue concerns the school’s plans to install stadium-style lighting for its outdoor soccer field.

The different goals of preservation and development often lead to conflict and dissension, sometimes even to violence. One hopes that in this situation reasonable minds and cool heads will prevail. The honest, open interaction among neighbors, when successful, can demonstrate how the process may even outweigh the importance of the content. Much more is at stake here than simply a soccer field’s lighting system.

Democracy is what is best for the most. I believe in democracy and in a forum in which open debate is encouraged, valued, and practiced. I’m all for enlightened and responsible community involvement. Let the debate proceed. Doing so will really put the lights on for everyone.

Leon J. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Lake View

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