Feeling valued is the key this season

Letter to the editor


The holiday season is here and the New Year beckons. The best part of this season is our special chance to help people to feel valued. Feeling valued is the single most important wish that all people in the world share.
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One-of-a-kind experience


Hope is among the most important feelings that people might experience at this holiday time.
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The forecast for Lathrop


When storms like Sandy and the Noríeaster come through, they destroy homes and communities, scattering many residents and leaving others behind to fight to be heard and hope to rebuild.
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Wave of democracy changes nation - or not


Election 2012 brought both change and continuity.
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Donít close Kenmore


If they go forward in face of continued community opposition, Alderman Waguespack should have an easy decision to not support the closing of Kenmore between Fullerton and Belden. Read more...

Youth vote will swing 2012 election


The 2012 elections will be decided by white males, women, Latinos and the elderly. But, most importantly, it will be decided by young voters. Read more...

Life of a West Loop chef


Stephanie Izard. Graham Elliot. Grant Achatz. You donít even need to add the word ďchefĒ before their names to recognize them as Chicagoís kitchen royalty. Hereís one more name that even hardcore foodies havenít heard of: Aaron Kolitz. I predict he will be a top chef someday.
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The strike: Our take


Public education in Chicago is shut down right now, and itís a tragedy. No one wants to see kids kept out of schools and away from learning opportunities: Not parents, not teachers, not administrators and not (most) kids.
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Chicago-area existing home sales skyrocket

The Home Front


The residential housing market in the Chicago area is in rebound mode as real estate brokers report strong existing home and condominium sales in normally slow summer months, experts say.
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School suit leaves questions


Our story about a sexual abuse case at Ogden International School leaves a lot of questions about New Eastside's neighborhood school.
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