Time for a new beginning

12/26/2012 10:00 PM

Ann Gerber

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A SPANKING NEW YEAR, 2013, inspires us all to make uplifting resolutions, be they trivial or major, because we all aspire to be better people, hoping to live healthier, smarter, more rewarding lives. So we vow to lose weight, be nicer to in-laws, save more money, stop smoking, cut down on fatty foods, sugary treats, beer-drinking — whatever bad habits we want to discard must be eliminated from our new year lifestyle. Lots of luck.

WHY NOT TRY? It is between you and your conscience — you know your faults and weaknesses.

LIFE DOESN’T OFTEN GIVE YOU a chance to reset your basic clocks. At the start of a new year all things seem possible. So sit back, evaluate the habits that pain you and attempt to change. At worst you will have a better idea of what irritates you, bugs you, supports you, frightens you and what you would honestly like to change. A time to rethink your life is a positive response to 2013.

THIS NEWSPAPER WILL START A NEW LIFE Jan. 2 when Inside Publications publisher Ron Roenigk adds Skyline to his Chicago newspapers. We are grateful to Chicago Journal publisher Dan Haley, who bought Skyline from the Sun-Times in 2008 and nurtured us for the past five years.

COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS LIKE SKYLINE are local watchdogs for the neighborhoods we cover, reporting on zoning, crime, education, social and charitable events, political action, interesting people, etc. An informed resident is a more savvy neighbor.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING 2013 with you, dear reader. We wish you health, peace of mind, at least one person to love you, a warm bed, luck, and may you be safe from harm.

Gossip, gossip, gossip

Blondes may have more fun, but who is the brunette divorcee who landed one of our most eligible billionaires estranged from his wife?

WHO WAS THE COLD-HEARTED WIFE who took their adopted kid and dumped her husband because he lost his business? She took all the assets she could get her hands on before he crashed, and has left the country.

WHO WAS THE MISTRESS who told her married lover she would tell his wife unless she got a new car? He called her bluff, told his wife a bimbo was out to get him, and gave the greedy blond nada. She’s furious and is bad-mouthing him all over town.

SUSAN GOHL IS CHAIRING A MAJOR BENEFIT at her Naples, Fla. residence for the Saint Ann School Foundation, with guest designer Carolina Herrera on Jan. 14.

IF YOU ARE NOT WEARING A TUXEDO, guys, you cannot attend the opening night of the Chicago Auto Show, Feb. 8 at McCormick Place. It is a charity event and tickets are $250. Lesser attire will be denied admission reads the invite. Proceeds are divided by 18 charities. Everyone wants to get a look at the newest hot models (gals and cars.)

DICK CHENEY, FORMER VEEP, insists he has a heart, and to prove it he is planning to write a book about all the advance treatments that are keeping him alive. Cheney, 71, will collaborate with his cardiologist, Dr. Jonathan Reiner and his daughter, Liz Cheney.

KNOCKING THEM DEAD IN LONDON where she stars in the new musical, “The Bodyguard,” is our talented Heather Headley, who won a Tony for “Aida.” The play is expected on Broadway in spring 2014. It is a retread of a popular movie that starred the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and boasted several memorable songs. Heather’s performance rated rave reviews. The songbird attended NU, married fellow student Brian Musso in 2003 and in 2009 welcomed their first child, John David.

THERE IS A HOT NEW FASHION PERSONALITY in town — Tennessee, daughter of society leaders Catharine and David Hamilton, who has created a wearable, cutting edge chic line of clothes and jewelry. With partner Ryan Wanta, the tall brunette beauty has been showing her garb at trunk shows here, in New York City, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. The jewelry, based on original ideas and some interesting antique pieces, ranges from $65 to $310. One brooch, which can be worn as a necklace as well, is reminiscent of a 12th century Georgian cross. Her colorful T-shirts are $100 and a custom hand sewn suit is $2,000. Non-custom suits in original artist prints are $1,350. The clothes are manufactured in L.A. where Tennessee lives.

FATHERS’ RIGHTS EXPERT lawyer Jeffery Leving attended President Obama’s holiday reception at the White House. Leving got praise from Obama for his latest book, “How to be a Good Divorced Dad” which encourages fathers to stay connected to their children.

NEW YEAR’S EVE AT THE ADLER PLANETARIUM will have DJ’s, fireworks under the stars, cocktails, with proceeds going to Lurie Children’s Hospital.

CONGRATS TO GINGER DOWNS, CEO of the Chicago Association of Realtors, who will be inducted into the National Association of Realtors Hall of Fame. Ceremonies will be in May in Washington, D.C.

WANT TO LIVE LIKE MADONNA? Her New York City apartment is on the market for $23.5 million.

STUNNING LARA Q. SCHMITZ, who was Skyline’s Baby of the Year in 1986, will be the bride of Brendan Bergerson on June 8. Lara is the daughter of Jenny Q. Schmitz-List.

THE DIVORCE OF JOHN AND HERTA CUNEO has shocked their many friends. The couple, who own a large collection of wild animals they rent to circuses, were united by their love of tigers and elephants and had some of their favored pets roaming on their Grayslake property. John donated his treasured family home, now the Cuneo Museum, to charity, so the public could enjoy its exceptional architecture and historical features. John fell in love with Herta, a gorgeous blond lion tamer, when he saw her perform in Europe, many years ago. Now he’s one of the wealthiest, eligible men in the country. His Christmas card had only three words on it — “A New Beginning” and a photo of him with two feline beauties.

NAMED CEO OF THE ALAIN LOCKE INITIATIVE, Robert Birdsell will lead in developing high-impact urban principals to create exceptional schools across the U.S. Pat Ryan Jr. is founder of Initiative and chairman of the board.

AMONG CIVIC LEADERS cheering John Byran when Columbia College honored him with the Chicago Legacy Award in memory of the late John H. Johnson, was Kenneth Poje, RR Donnelley executive.

PROUDLY CELEBRATING 30 YEARS as a respected, innovative leader in the perfume industry is Don Conover, who founded Belle-Aire Fragrances Inc. with his partners in 1982. Conover is president, director of research and development and chief perfumer as well as the creative mind behind several patents held by the company. During Don’s 42-year career he has created hundreds of successful fragrances that are signature scents in both the prestige perfume market and household consumer product market. Previously he was director of marketing and research and chief perfumer for the Stepan Fragrances firm and also held leadership positions with several major flavor and fragrance houses on the east coast. Don started his career as a bacteriologist for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. After obtaining additional degrees in chemistry he launched his own firm.
Conover is married to well known singer/entertainer Denise Tomasello.

IN A FIVE-PAGE PROFILE detailing his achievements, the editors of the Chicago Lawyer named Robert Clifford Chicago Lawyer 2012 Person of the Year. Nominations from his peers gave Bob, senior partner of Clifford Law Offices, the coveted title.

POPULAR COUPLE at the recent Service Club ball at the Four Seasons was pretty Cheryl Coleman, past executive director NFLPA Mackey Awards (and once wed to weatherman John Coleman) and Ron Katz, COB of Elkay Manufacturing, makers of kitchen sinks. Ron’s grandfather and father founded Elkay in 1920. Their support helped Service Club reach its philanthropic goal.

HOTTEST TICKET FOR FEBRUARY is Lyric’s Fantasy of the Opera, on the 9th, with the theme of Midnight in Paris. Cabaret entertainment, auction, dancing, dining, with dress code 1920’s Paris chic or black tie, with streets of Paris fun, promise a special evening. Courtney Rosen is chair with David Valkema. Louise Johnson and Allison Alexander supervise auction and raffle. Britt Miller heads the Guild board which includes: Mrs. John Andersen, Julie Benson, Patrick Bitterman, Eben Dorros, Robert Finke, Amanda Cox, Suzanne Hammond, Polly Jensen, Kip Kelley. Edmund Lester, Daria Lewicky, James McCormick, Oscar Tatosian, Nancy Temple, Michael Tirpak, Marcus Trice, Anne Zenzer, Amanda Fox.

AN AT-HOME SODA MAKER, Israel-based SodaStream, may have Coke and Pepsi crying “uncle.” Sales of the uber-popular beverage giants are falling as the soda-crazed public realizes it can make its own fizzy treats at home for much less money. SodaStream insists it is selling 10,000 machines a day as buyers find it easy to create carbonated drinks instantly. Will Coke and Pepsi be forced to offer the thirsty public their own syrup and machines?

CONGRATULATIONS TO HERB AND EVIE GLIEBERMAN on their 56th wedding anniversary. He’s the well known lawyer and she is the delightful opera singer.

ACTRESS GILLIAN ANDERSON, our local talent who guided us through the “X-Files,” will be on TV in the NBC series “Hannibal” which is sure to make our skin crawl. She will play Lecter’s psychiatrist, tasty with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

WOW! RIVER NORTH DANCE CHICAGO raised a record $355,000 at its annual benefit at the Harris Theater and the Fairmont Hotel. Co-chairs were Marcus Boggs, Philip Lumpkin, and Joseph Seigle who marked artistic director Frank Chaves’ 20th anniversary with the group.


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By Surat Hussain Shah from Karachi
Posted: 12/31/2012 10:56 AM

I would like to start my new life in the new year with new wife because my formal wife has left me a lone from many years I was living with my broken heart and depressive life till today but today I think an Idea of new life with new wife before to day many friends and relatives including my ex father and brother in law suggested me to start a new life with new wife but she was shattered by confidence badly on the women. To day I met my psychologist and think of her attitude and behavior so, dif