Endorsement: Danny Davis for Congress

03/07/2012 10:00 PM

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When the politics are as similar as Danny Davis and Jacques Conway — the two candidates in the Democratic primary for the 7th District congressional seat — we opt to support the incumbent. Seniority and clout are hard to come by and Danny Davis has earned both.

We are admirers of Conway for his valued service in Oak Park and River Forest as a cop, park board commissioner, school board member at OPRF High School and articulate advocate for young people generally. Meanwhile, our support of Davis is softening for two reasons. We are tired of his teasing over running for other offices — mayor, county board prez, senator. Enough. Be our congressman. And while we are proudly progressive, we haven’t seen Danny Davis move an inch from all-government solutions to every challenge, and we think that is an unacceptable view in this moment.

That said, we endorse Danny Davis.

10 Comments - Add Your Comment

By Pam from Oak Park
Posted: 03/22/2012 5:28 PM

Davis is someone who appeals because he knows the right promises to make ( most long forgotten), and he knows exactly WHERE to make them, in areas filled with the needy and welfare based. With all the promises, I don't see a lot of true help. All I see is post office lobbies with not enough help, no stamp machines or anything else that used to be there.. why? Because good ol Danny Davis wanted to look like he actually did something. rolling eyes Try helping the PEOPLE not yourself Davis!

By Anonymous
Posted: 03/18/2012 4:42 PM

Unfortunately Ellen, the video posted by South Loop Joe clearly shows that Danny Davis is nothing but another typical Chicago politician! All polished rhetoric on the outside, but does all his business behind closed doors! I agree that he will win re-election, but it is definitely time for some new faces to lead Chicago!

By Ellen
Posted: 03/18/2012 3:59 PM

Congressman Davis is an extremely devoted intelligent person who knows and cares about the little persons. He is well liked and will win because he is very committed to make changes for the average person.

By South Loop Joe from South Loop
Posted: 03/13/2012 9:33 PM

Worried about the future is correct in that there is not a viable candidate running against Congressman Davis. if you have a moment there are two short videos on you tube of Danny Davis and and friends http://youtu.be/JTbqr6-ry3A or look up Danny Davis and Arne Duncan on you tube.

By Worried about the future! from Near South
Posted: 03/10/2012 8:35 PM

"Long past due for someone new." > Who did you have in mind Joe? Danny Davis maybe a typical Chicago pol, but he always wins by overwhelming majorities. I suspect that he will win again. People in the western part of the district like him HUGE! You can't beat somebody with nobody!

By South Loop Joe from South Loop
Posted: 03/10/2012 8:20 PM

Danny Davis is a career Politician who is only looking out for Danny Davis. This is the same man who voted AGAINST the Amber alert bill and could not give his constituents an answer other than he felt that he was in good company with the very few others who voted against that bill. Long past due for someone new.

By The South Loop Does Deserve Better Political Repre from But So Does ALL OF CHICAGO!
Posted: 03/10/2012 7:50 PM

Brad, I agree with all you say except for the fact that the South Loop is only a very small portion of the 7th District. That means Sloopers CANNOT significantly affect the outcome of their congressional race. Until the rest of the District starts to think more like the South Loop, or someone really charismatic that can bridge the big differences between the various 7th District constituencies comes along, Danny Davis (or someone like him) will continue to get elected. Get involved South Loop!

By Brad from South Loop
Posted: 03/10/2012 9:40 AM

The South Loop demographics are slowly changing. As more baby boomer retirees move in from the suburbs and younger, moderate, republicans like myself decide to invest in the city and raise a family here the needs of our district will hopefully shift from extremely liberal to more moderate. Additionally as the income levels of 7th district residents continues to rise Congressman like Mr. Davis should find it more and more difficult to support bills that seek to tax the rich at higher levels.

By There are good Democrats and good Republicans! from The opposite is also true!
Posted: 03/09/2012 11:54 PM

Congressman Davis is unbeatable. The people just love him too much. He will be in Congress for life if he wants! That said, a Republican who wants to even have a chance of someday representing the 7th District needs to start running now, losing at first and as long as Congressman Davis is still in office, but building a base of support, credibility, financing and accomplishments with each successive election cycle. Then when the time is right, this (by then) well-known Republican will win!

By Mark from South Loop
Posted: 03/09/2012 7:21 PM

It would be refreshing if a younger and outgoing moderate Republican were to run against this aging and incredibly ineffective fossil. While he still would likely win given how liberal this district is, it would at least make him defend his record. His past GOP opponents have been a joke. Davis is a perfect example of what is wrong in Washington with a career politician like him - 7 terms (and counting) and in politics for 22 straight years.