Chicago consumer advocate Jon Yates' new book helps readers solve problems

Cutting through the tape


Everyday slights eat away at people,” said Chicago Tribune columnist Jon Yates, “Sometimes it’s easier to forget about it than fight the battle. But, when you stand up for yourself, you’re standing up for others. We’re all in this together.”

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Rescues of the week


Princess and Paco are a pair of charming 1-year-old Chihuahua mixes who would love to start 2012 in their forever home! These sweet dogs were given up by their previous owner to Chicago Animal Care & Control. They are very bonded, and are hoping to find an adopter with a heart big enough for two dogs! Paco and Princess like taking walks and turn heads when they stroll down the street wearing their cute little winter coats. When they aren’t on the go, this precious pair can often be found curled up together in their dog bed. Princess and Paco love people, and wag their tiny tails like crazy at the sight of a new friend. They can’t wait to find a family of their very own to love and adore.
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Hot chocolate, hot spots

Touring the city’s best spots for the sweet stuff


Hot chocolate may not have reached the popularity of coffee or tea, as Thomas Jefferson once predicted, but is there any better way to warm up after a frosty outing in Chicago winter? Kids and adults everywhere will agree: There’s something about hot chocolate that seems to just hit the spot when the weather turns cold. So I took two girls to hunt down the city’s best hot cocoa, perfect for little tummies and grown-up taste buds alike.
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Chicago band Czar breaks out

A very metal Christmas


Conversations with Brian Elza, guitarist for Chicago-based metal band Czar, start with music but tangent into a myriad of other topics. Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Russian history, meats and barbequing said meats, Scottish drum and fife groups, kilts, existentialism, physics, the similarities between quiet nerdiness and obvious aggression.
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Andrew Bird takes over the Museum of Contemporary Art this month

Horns aplenty


Few musicians in the world can match Chicago-based troubadour Andrew Bird's skill set. Violinist. Guitarist. Whistler. Glockenspieler. It's a toolbox of odds and ends that, when combined, turn his records into lush soundscapes. As charming as his albums are, seeing Bird perform live is an entirely different experience.
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Bridgeport Pasty is Chicago's newest and most eco-friendly food truck

Crispy, green lunch


It's pronounced pass-tee - not paste-y - and it's a popular British fast food that can now be found on the streets of Chicago. Three years ago, while vacationing in London, Jay Sebastian and his wife, Carrie Clark, experienced the warm, flaky, "hand-held potpies" known as pasties for the first time.
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Hellenic Museum's brand new exhibit brings Odysseus to modern times

It's all Greek to me


Mathematics. Athletics. Mythology. Government. Art. Forget good old-fashioned American ingenuity. Many of the things we hold dear can actually be traced back to ancient Greece. And a new exhibit at the revamped National Hellenic Museum gives families a glimpse at what life was like back when the Parthenon was considered cutting-edge design.
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'Goodnight Moon' hits Victory Gardens Biograph Theater

Nighttime classic wakes up the stage


When it comes to beloved bedtime stories, few can claim affection like Margaret Wise Brown's classic, Goodnight Moon. But fans of the 60-year-old story may be surprised to learn that the tale has been translated to the stage at Chicago Children's Theatre.
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Chicago filmmaker gets lucky

'The Catastrophe' is anything but


Michael Glover Smith is lucky. And he's the first to admit it. The Chicago-based independent filmmaker and film educator has had a string of successes since graduating from Columbia College and Humboldt State University’s film departments.
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David Sedaris hits Auditorium Theater to read his latest

Facing the animals


It's evident there's a certain expectation when one sees award-winning author, playwright and humorist David Sedaris' name on a book. Readers associate his name with the hysterical observations of a hopelessly obsessive, painfully endearing neurotic. In the context of Western literature as a whole, David's work could be filed under the equivalent of comfort food. People are drawn to his work because he consistently delivers the goods.
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