Sticker frenzy

Saturday was the day the alderman offered city stickers for sale in the South Loop

06/10/2012 2:37 AM

By Bonnie McGrath

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Alderman Fioretti directing traffic in his office, overwhelmed with city sticker buyers

Alderman Fioretti and City Clerk Susana Mendoza--in his South Loop office on Saturday

The line went from an inner office to an outer office to the hall, down the stairs and well out onto and down the sidewalk of the 1300 block of South State Street on Saturday morning. Lots of South Loopers came to take Alderman Fioretti up on his offer for South Loopers to buy their city stickers right on their home turf. Without having to worry about lines or city-wide computer shutdowns or making a trek all the way to City Hall.

But the line was long anyway. Although everyone was mellow. It was Saturday morning and there weren't many places to go--other than the Lit Fest, the Blues Fest and the Rib Fest. In addition to selling the stickers, those who had the foresight to come in and plunk $16 down last week could also drop by and pick up their zoned parking stickers for guests, which have the newly assigned zone numbers on them. No line for that. Fioretti's staff members were on hand to take the stickers, neatly packed in envelopes with the recipient's name on them, out of the box.

Sticker buyers were also given an opportunity to check to see whether they had any unclaimed monetary assets they need to claim. Many people were in luck--and were pleasantly surprised that someone somewhere owed them money and hadn't been able to find them thus far.

There were also 2nd Ward Office Alderman Fioretti coffee mugs, free for the asking.

But the big news was that City Clerk Susana Mendoza was in attendance; in fact, she asked me to snap a couple of pictures of her and the alderman using her very own smart phone. Which I was glad to do. And she also told those within earshot an interesting tidbit of information. That she was expecting her first child on November 29th. "I'll be pregnant right in the middle of the budget," she said, jokingly implying that her condition may give her an extra advantage while doing whatever she has to do during that time.

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