Loving grandparents victims of scam


WHAT LOVING GRANDPARENT WOULD NOT ANSWER A CRY FOR HELP from a frightened, desperate grandchild? THATíS WHY "THE GRANDPARENT SCAM" HAS BEEN SO SUCCESSFUL the past few years and thatís why the U.S. State Department keeps issuing warnings about it.
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Binge drinking death led to college action


TOXIC ALCOHOL POISONING from binge drinking kills 1,825 college students each year, estimates the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. When top Northwestern U. student Matt Sunshine became a statistic two years ago, his bereaved mother acted to save lives with a special program alerting fellow students to the dangers of binge drinking.
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Are bare bosoms at high noon chic or tacky?


IF YOU GOT ĎEM, FLAUNT ĎEM is the cry of some of our townís beauties who show up at charity luncheons wearing low-cut strapless fashions revealing their real or amazingly well-augmented bosoms. IS THIS CHIC OR TACKY? Are cocktail dresses, with serious expansions of bare flesh exposing magnificent breasts the new uniform for ladiesí luncheons?
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You may be addicted to junk food


YEARNING FOR A TWINKIE, a bacon burger, chocolate frosting, cupcakes or French fries? And are you overweight? You may be addicted to high-calorie, high-fat junk foods.
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GI suicides at record high


KILLING AND BEING IN THE LINE OF FIRE, facing death each day and becoming an efficient murderous machine takes a deadly toll on young people in the military. JULY HAD THE MOST Army suicides in two years with 32, and this year has tallied 163 confirmed suicides. The Air Force had 28, the Marines 21 and the Navy 33 this year to date.
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Take a clinical look at 'the mistress'


MISTRESSES HAVE BEEN AROUND, pleasing men and making trouble, since biblical days. Wasnít Hagar, an Egyptian slave who went to bed with married Abraham in the Bible, a role model for many modern sisters?
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Diogenes can stop searching


THE ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHER DIOGENES can hang up his lamp and end his centuries' old quest - an honest man has been found! ALL HAIL OUTSPOKEN, BRAVE BILLIONAIRE WARREN BUFFETT who stood up, facing anger and hostility from some of his selfish peers, and told it like it is - THE MEGA-RICH SHOULD PAY MORE TAXES!
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Do you think God is doing a good job?


FOR HEAVENíS SAKE, EVALUATING THE "JOB" THAT GOD IS DOING is difficult, if not impossible. YET WHEN PUBLIC POLICY POLLING conducted its survey, instead of people refusing to answer such a zany question, 52 percent went on record as approving of Godís job, and only 9 percent disapproving.
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Charlie Sheen 101 gives life lessons


CHARLIE SHEEN ISNíT JUST A GOOD COMIC ACTOR, heís a walking, talking, in-the-flesh Lessons in Life for Dummies. WHAT CAN EVERYONE LEARN from foolish Charlie? Let us count the ways he has screwed up, and let all who want to avoid his plight make note.
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Lecherous Lotharios are losers


CHEATERS ARE GOING OUT OF STYLE because they are all losers - financially, morally and reputation-wise - but no, we don't honestly expect an end to juicy stories about skirt-chasers. WRONGED WIVES ARE THE BRUISED LOSERS - even if they take major hits on his bank accounts. Of course, they are losers in the love department, at least temporarily.
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