Peace on earth and in your heart


CAN YOU BELIEVE CHRISTMAS CREPT INTO OUR LIVES so quickly? Thanksgiving comes and before you can take a breath, the holidays are here. There are some old chestnuts about Christmas that should be repeated.
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The ugliest woman I ever met


MY BOYFRIEND WANTED ME TO MEET his adored Aunt Harriet, and when she opened the door of her home I was shocked. He had never said a word about her appearance, and suddenly I was face to face with a Frankenstein-like, larger-than-life woman.
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Do you have the right to die?


SLOWLY, PAINFULLY, OR WITH DIGNITY? Should terminally ill patients be allowed to ask for, and get, compassionate physician-assisted suicide? DR. MEHMET OZ, and many of his colleagues, say yes. But everyone has their own opinion and it varies from case to case.
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We mourn Maggie Daley, Queen of Chicago


OUR BIG MAMA, with a heart dedicated to her "family," which included all the citizens in this fair city, has left us saddened but grateful we were gifted to know gracious, savvy and strong Maggie Daley, Queen of Chicago. She would be the first to dismiss that title, for this no-nonsense woman had no use for phony "tags." Maggie looked you in the eye, was friendly, warm, never put on airs or wanted a mantle of greatness.
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Paris faded, let's dim Kim


HANG IN THERE AND GIVE THANKS ... TIME FADED PARIS AND WE CAN DIM KIM, the Kartrashians' leading useless narcissist and rotten role model for young impressional, dumb girls.
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No sympathy for 'bad mothering'


PARENTS ARE THE BONES ON WHICH CHILDREN CUT THEIR TEETH, were the wise words of actor and author Peter Ustinov. CRIES OF "BAD MOTHERING" in two current cases echo the anger and hostility felt by many youngsters who insist they were "victimized" and unloved by their moms.
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Fat men with money are desirable


AS IF WE DIDNíT KNOW THAT WEALTHY FAT MEN are found desirable by husband-hunting women, a study by a Columbia University researcher Pierre-Andre Chiappori confirms that the physical picture may not be appealing but the cash makes overweight males highly eligible.
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Have we found the perfect man?


THE IDEAL MALE WOULD BE LOYAL, savvy, kind, monogamous, handsome, honest, realistic, romantic, well adjusted ó and darn near perfect. WE FOUND A VIABLE CANDIDATE ó ACTOR ANTONIO BANDERAS. Why this tall, dark handsome, 51-year-old husband of actress and mother Melanie Griffith?
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Were 45,000 runners on the wrong track?


WHY DID ONE MARATHONER DIE while competing in the Bank of America race? WHY DID THE WINNER, RUNNER KENYAN MOSES MOSOP VOMIT as he crossed the finish line? BECAUSE OUR BODIES ARE DAMAGED when forced to run 26.2 miles, sometimes so severely punished that they can never be repaired.
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Snooki studies hits U. of C.


WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM SNOOKI, seer of The Jersey Shore? "HOW WE LIVE, LAUGH, COMMUNICATE and think about our world today," insists student David Showalter, who has a $5,000 grant to present a one-day conference on "Jersey Shore Studies" at the U. of Chicago on Oct. 28.
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