Racial violence not going away

Ann Gerber


ADDING TO THE MANY WOES besieging this sick planet is the worrisome opinion of tolerance expert Morris Dees of the respected Southern Poverty Law Center who fears “racial violence will not go away.” In his recent newsletter Dees wrote, “Just when I thought another lynching would never take place, I was shocked to learn that a black man was brutally murdered in Jackson, Miss. by a white man.”
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Don't be a victim


IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE SAFE ALL THE TIME but it is possible to prevent being a victim by using common sense and advice from police professionals who know the drill. Their experience with thieves, robbers, muggers and carjackers has provided them with tools to help us avoid injury and death in emergency situations.
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Two of eight were raped


EIGHT CAREER WOMEN met for lunch and sisterhood and laughs at RL, and we chatted away about gossip, love, who-is-sleeping-with-whom, the death of a dear friend, how to keep warm, and the latest health news — onions and mushrooms are the best. Someone mentioned that some presidential candidates are against abortion even in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the mother is at risk.
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Cupid doing a lousy job


VALENTINE’S DAY BRINGS AN EVALUATION of Cupid’s job performance, and sadly, the naked little slacker should be fired! Not only are fewer people getting married, love affairs crash and burn and if romance is in the air, it is ‘lover beware.’
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'There are no honest lawyers'


FOR THREE YEARS we used this line as an icebreaker at parties, “There are no honest lawyers.” Nobody ever disagreed.
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'Toddlers & Tiaras' teases tiny terrors


TARTED-UP TYKES on TV in shows like Toddlers & Tiaras turn our tummy. Dressing up little girls and training them to wiggle, strut and make sexually suggestive moves as they sing and dance to win trophies is sick, sick, sick. Who can forget the ill-fated beauty pageant princess JonBenet Ramsey, killed in her home? Her murderer has never been caught and early rumors that her parents were in some way guilty have been discarded. JonBenet’s prancing and gyrating on stage, dressed as a sexy cowgirl, attracted a killer. Can sick, sexy kiddie pageants cause more deaths?
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Cheating husbands big on Botox, bronzer


CHEATING HUSBANDS are easy to spot for wives who notice the little things, and the big things as well. PSYCHOLOGISTS TELL US that warning signs are changes in his normal lifestyle. He works away from home more, suddenly changes his hair styling, works out to lose weight, buys Armani briefs (or new sunglasses, perhaps Gucci loafers, a new Hermes scent) - all indications he’s seeing himself in a new role.
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No sex costs husband $13,500


OF COURSE IT HAPPENED IN FRANCE! A JUDGE FINED A HUSBAND $13,500 in damages because he failed to perform in the bedroom during their 21-year marriage.
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The three ages of women


DAHLINGS, THERE ARE THREE AGES FOR WOMEN - YOUTH, MIDDLE AGE AND "YOU LOOK FABULOUS!" BUT WITH INJECTABLES AND PLASTIC SURGERY, there may be only two left - youth and "fabulous," since money can erase the wrinkles, the sags and bags, the grey hair, the tummy fat and the underarm "wings."
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Lab-made meats on plates in 2012?


WILL IN VITRO and LAB-MADE BEEF, CHICKEN AND PORK will have you smacking your lips and lickin' your fingers in 2012? IT DOES NOT SOUND APPETIZING but we are being assured by scientists that they can create delicious meat from animal stem cells and the products should be in your grocery or restaurant in 2012.
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