$12M payoff for Monica Lewinsky?


WILL THE JADED PUBLIC buy millions of books revealing the sex secrets, fantasies and carnal appetites of ex-President Bill Clinton if ex-lover Monica Lewinsky shares the raunchy details of their ill-fated romance? Read more...

A Starbucks in a funeral home?


A SOUTH CAROLINA FUNERAL HOME is opening a Starbucks in its lobby — true news item. WHY? THE OWNER says he hopes it will help mourners “get their minds off what is going on.”
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Call girl got $100,000 twice, says madam


THE WAGES OF SIN WERE FABULOUS for one of her call girls, reveals Rose Laws, the 30-year madam who supplied young, attractive females for Chicago politicians, bankers, businessmen and sports stars from her headquarters at 211 E. Ohio and 400 E. Ohio.
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Stop guzzling that big bad soda?


THE EYES OF THIS HUNGRY, THIRSTY, FAT NATION are watching our New York City neighbors to see how Nanny Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s edict pours out: That sodas and other high-calorie sugary drinks should not be sold in cups or bottles larger than 16 ounces.
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I wish I had known Gary


READING OBITUARIES IS CREEPY. It’s like browsing through a cemetery, looking at all the tombstones for familiar names, all the while knowing one day others will be reading them and see your name. The bell tolls for us all as we scan obit articles and fear we will know the cast of characters.
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Gold Coast madam to share pix


IN HER BOOK, GOLD COAST MADAM WHICH WILL BE PUBLISHED NOV. 1, former madam Rose Laws, told me she will share 50 pix of her “girls.” No names (earlier she had said she would reveal first names only) of the 1,000 prostitutes who flourished during her 30-year career providing pretty young flesh for the wealthy and powerful bankers, lawyers, politicians, sports stars and Hollywood celebs who paid $350 to $900 an hour for sex.
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What if men got pregnant?


DAHLINGS, IF MEN GOT PREGNANT THERE WOULD BE ABORTION CLINICS EVERYWHERE and at a low cost, and paternity clothes would be sports-themed and chic - because men rule.
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Housewives of Chicago looking good


THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CHICAGO don't gossip (well, maybe just a little), don't drink and hate and fight and look like bimbos as so many do in the various TV reality series. And they dress better, and have a social consciousness, and most are not sneaking into hotels for assignations with their personal trainers, medics, politicians and stock brokers.
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Will Olympics help save your life?


YOU WILL NEVER WIN A GOLD MEDAL at the Olympics, or a silver or bronze, but if you can steal some of the amazing discipline of the truly inspiring sports heroes, it can help save your life.
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Yummy $460,000 dish at academy's tasty benefit


FOOD FOR THE SOUL AND FOOD FOR THE TUMMY made the Chicago Academy for the Arts 30th anniversary gala a tasty benefit that brought in a hearty $460,000. One of only four independent arts high schools in the U.S., the academy showcased talent at the Harris theater and then treated 560 guests to cocktails and tastings from the area’s hottest chefs.
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