'Cousin' Oprah is part of our family


OPRAH WINFREY’S TV SESSIONS WITH US ARE ENDING but this charismatic, warm-hearted woman has become part of our family — like a cousin we have come to know and appreciate, and are proud to have in our lives. She isn’t leaving us — just moving into Oprah-rama phase two.
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Driver crashes car while shaving bikini area


CANDIDATE FOR WORST DRIVER OF THE YEAR is the woman who was driving from Miami to Key West and crashed into a pick-up truck at 45 miles an hour because she lost control while shaving her bikini area.
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Who is world's most beautiful woman?


FOR MEN, BEAUTY IS IN THE THIGH OF THE BEHOLDER. FOR WOMEN, BEAUTY IS A MUCH MORE COMPLEX CHOICE with beauty in the jealous eye of the beholder. FOR PLASTIC SURGEONS, whose job is creating beauty, who is the world’s most beautiful woman in their clinical eyes? Choosing the perfect woman, the ultimate woman is not an easy task.
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Guys only want one thing - sex


GUYS ONLY WANT ONE THING — SEX. So warns Dr. I. Major in his new book, Little White Whys: A Woman’s Guide Through the Lies Men Tell and Why. THE BOARD-CERTIFIED ADULT PSYCHIATRIST insists that within the first five minutes of meeting you, guys believe they know if they’ll see you naked.
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Da wedding exposes split over who will be next king


KATE AND WILLIAM WILL WED AND ANOTHER FAIRY TALE BEGINS. BUT THE BIG QUESTION IS WHO WILL BE THE NEXT KING OF ENGLAND? PRINCE CHARLES OR PRINCE WILLIAM? ONE IN THREE BRITS want the Queen to abdicate in 2 years and allow William and Kate to be monarchs. One poll shows 59 percent of Brits want Charles to step aside for his son, reports our correspondent from London, Mark Stevens, a former Chicagoan who became a British citizen last November after living there many years.
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Can lemon chicken feed a proposal?


DAHLINGS, HAVE YOU BEEN HOPING FOR A PROPOSAL from your man? TRY FEEDING HIM “ENGAGEMENT CHICKEN,” A TASTY, EASY-TO-ROAST comfort-meal dish that has an impressive history. BETH OSTROSKY HEATED UP HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HOWARD STERN after she made this recipe, and according to the New York Post, more than 70 other women have gotten engaged after feeding their boyfriends this chicken treat.
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Being skinny beats sex for most women


WOULD WOMEN RATHER BE SKINNY or have great sex? SKINNY WON OUT with femmes, swearing they would give up sex for a year if it meant they’d be thin, according to Fitness Magazine. ABOUT 2,400 FEMALES ADMITTED SVELTE WAS THEIR DREAM GOAL in the survey, with 51 percent praying for thinner bodies but 49 percent arguing they’d rather have great sex and be 30 pounds overweight. Read more...

Husbands who cheat have few regrets


CHEATING HUSBANDS WHO GOT DIVORCES have few regrets, according to a survey by Men’s Health magazine. An impressive 77 percent revealed they did not regret cheating on their wives and then splitting. And who can argue with 81 percent who preferred their new sex life after ending their marriages?
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Violence in flicks, games wounds kids


IT IS COMMON SENSE, isn’t it, to know that teen and TV horror movies, gory video games, angry and filthy rap music and sexy TV are making children more violent, cold-hearted and prone to behavioral problems? Where is “Lassie” when you need her?
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Skinny women get fatter paychecks


IT ISN’T THE SIZE OF HER BRAIN that determines a woman’s worth in the workplace. IF SHE’S SKINNY SHE’LL MAKE MORE MONEY. A survey published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that skinny femmes make higher salaries than average or overweight women. If an employee weighs 30 pounds less than the average, 164, she will earn $389,300 more over a 25-year career.
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