Cougars out! Firm thighs in

02/16/2011 10:00 PM


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AS IF WE DIDN’T KNOW, men prefer younger women, especially as men get older.

DESPITE MADONNA AND DEMI AND COURIC dating and marrying younger men, a study from the journal Evolution and Human Behavior disputes the “cougar phenomenon” that insists attractive older femmes can attract and keep young studs as lovers or husbands.

“COUGAR TOWN,” A POPULAR TV SHOW with sexy (and needy) Courteney Cox as the star who latches on to a younger man, isn’t the norm.

AN EXTENSIVE STUDY BY THE JOURNAL found that females prefer older and richer guys. Surprise!

AND MEN PREFER YOUNG AND ATTRACTIVE PARTNERS, and even younger women as the men themselves age. No surprise here either.

COUGAR KATIE COURIC, 53, and Brooks Perlin, 36, were a hot item. Katie, TV anchor, lost her husband, Jay Monahan, father of her two children, to cancer in 1998 … Fading actress Joan Collins has a much younger husband, and Hugh Hefner, 84, has chosen Crystal Harris, 24, to be his third wife.

JOAN IS AN EXCEPTION TO THE RULE and Hefner proves that young, firm thighs rule his romantic kingdom. A 60-year difference?

WHEN SEXY ANGELINA JOLIE IS 60 will she be with hot younger studs or with dignified older men? Do we really care?

NOBODY WANTS TO BE OUT IN THE COLD, alone and old. But face it. Plastic surgery (and money) can only do so much. For some cougars, a little more playtime is worth the fixing and the fretting. And there are thigh-tightening surgeries today to help level the playing field, so to speak.

WE ARE REMINDED of the rich and elegant widow who looked much younger than her years, and set her sights on her best friend’s brother. She lied about her age, they married, and she discovered he was 14 years older than she was but looked fabulous thanks to injections and a facelift, plus a girdle and a toupee.

Gossip, gossip, gossip

WHO IS THE LOVING SON who dedicated himself to carrying for his mother, only to be kicked out of her home by his evil older brother? The bad son convinced his ill mom that his brother was stealing from her, got her to change her will, leaving everything to him and his wife. The mother died two months later and the brothers are locked in a fight to the death.

ROMANTIC NEWS … They met and fell in love when volunteering at St. Vincent DePaul soup kitchen. On June 17, blond and beautiful FOX 32 TV sportscaster Kerry Sayers will marry Fifth Third Bank exec Matthew Doucet. Will they serve soup at their wedding?

ACTOR HUGH JACKMAN didn’t forget the birthday of pal Beryl Blitz and phoned to make her day special.

RICHARD ROBIN is thrilled he won the Palm Springs Bob Hope golf tournament.

OUR CONDOLENCES to psychologist Fran Johnson on the death of her mother.

PHILIP AND COOKIE WHERRY were offended by my criticism of Ronald Reagan. Sorry, but not everyone adored him.

FRANCIS PARKER NEIGHBORS deserve applause for stopping the school from installing stadium lighting in the Lincoln Park playing field. What next?

GHOULISH STORY OF THE YEAR … A widow was seeking sperm from her husband’s corpse so she could have a child with him after he killed himself. She got a court order immediately because sperm must be harvested within 36 hours of death to be viable for storage and impregnation. No word yet if she is pregnant.

CHICAGOAN WALT DISNEY, who launched a fairyland of theme parks, films, etc., was an ambulance driver before he could get a handle on his dreams.

THE FASCINATING HEIRESS GLORIA VANDERBILT, NOW BEST KNOWN AS TV ANCHOR ANDERSON COOPER’S MOTHER, is the subject of a new book, The World of Gloria Vanderbilt, by Wendy Goodman. Her husbands, her designing of a superb pair of jeans, as well as her life as an artist, mother and wife all make for gilt-edged gold reading.

The saddest moment, the most horrific, was when she saw her younger son plunge from their penthouse window to his death. Anderson has addressed this family tragedy and it colors their lives with dark clouds.

HOW IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S DIET COMING ALONG? A 20-year study with monkeys showed that a reduced calorie diet decreased diseases and extended life. Revealed in the journal Science, it asserts that these monkeys were three times less likely to die of heart disease, cancer and diabetes than monkeys who ate as much as they liked … A word to the wise.

WHAT DOES OUR WORLD LOOK LIKE? For the Society of Architectural Historians, marking their 70th anniversary, it must boast architectural gems we cannot afford to lose. On the benefit committee for the last fundraising, were dedicated supporters including: Scott Bobeck, Dirk Denison, Leslie Hindman, Bill Kurtis, Donna La Pietra, Victoria Lautman, James Kinney, Charles Gardner, Sandi Hawk, Paul Florian, Daniel Dubay, Hilary Ballon, Helmut Jahn, Jonathan Persky, Eva Maddox, Linda Meyers, Dan McCafferty, Bradley Lynch, John Vinci, Jenna Nelson, David Hilliard, Laura Knapp, Wim de Wit, Thomas Dietz, Zurich Esposito, Carter Page, John Ronan, Emily Roth, Dana Terp, Jonathon Wells, Nancy Later, Carolyn Davis, Henry Kuehn and Brigitte Maley.

Other boosters of the Society of Architectural Historians are: Grace Barry, John Blew, Michelle Hermann, Sally Kalmbach, Nnamdi Elleh, Vic Farrell, Jane Field, Dick McIntire, Marilyn Miglin, John Notz, Chip Von Wiese, Thomas Zurowski, Robert Kleinschmidt, John Eifler, Keith Eggener, Karen and Michael Butler and Oscar Tatosian.

DR. LEON DRAGON will be honoree at the 15th Knowledge for Life luncheon May 4 at the Highland Park Country Club. Oncologist at the North Shore University HealthSystem Foundation, Dr. Dragon will discuss Living in the Future, North Shore’s cancer survivorship program.

MEMORIES, MEMORIES … Remember this photo of GOP fundraiser and Borghese skin care queen Georgette Mosbacher with Sugar Rautbord and Dee Paulsin? It was taken in 1993 at a book launch party for Georgette. Dee is Georgette’s mom who lives in Indiana. Mosbacher once worked for Marshall Field’s.

THE BEST BOOK ABOUT WRITER/DIRECTOR JOHN HUGHES may be Susannah Gora’s You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried. The Brat Pack, John Hughes, and Their Impact on a Generation. Gora interviewed Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, John Cusack, Matthew Broderick and Anthony Michael Hall about Hughes, who grew up in Northbrook. His movies, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Mr. Mom and Home Alone, are slices of American life. Hughes, who died much too soon, had said, “I write about my kids, my friends’ kids, my neighborhood —what I know about.” He shot flicks in local schools like Maine North High and Evanston High. Before he hit the big time with films, Hughes wrote jokes for Henny Youngman, Rodney Dangerfield and Rip Taylor. We all miss Hughes’ sensitive touch with kids and teens. No one could get inside their heads, and hearts, like John.

TAKING LIBERTY WITH LANGUAGE is the title of the English-Speaking Union’s 2011 annual conference in Philadelphia from Oct. 6 to 9.

RECOGNIZED NATIONALLY as an innovative center for award-winning professional artists in dance, theater, design, music and more, the Chicago Academy of the Arts offers a stimulating environment on West Chicago Avenue, and has birthed a fan club of mammoth proportions. Pamela Jordan heads this school and on the board are Richard Sanders, Russell McLean, Jessica DePinto, Mary Carr, Paul Detlefs and Richard Turner. Members at large and on the benefit board are stalwarts like: Baird Brown, Julian Frazin, Joyce Sloane, Barbara Ruhman, Steve Stratton, Lynn Werner, Alexander Williams, Averill Leviton, Beverly Persky, Evie Glieberman, Stephen Flach, Sylvia Kinney, Rivian Hartman, Vonita Reescer, Lynn Graham, Sherrill Bodine, Peggy Jester, Marietta Kucharis, Cookie Cohen, Cheryl Bollinger, Peter Georgiou, Frank Mustari, Anne Blanton, Paul Jiganti, Susan Manske, Elizabeth McCloy, Frieda Stevenson, Joanie Winter, Faye Phillips and Jeffrey Usow.

WHO IS THE SOCIALITE who got so drunk at a Valentine’s Day party that her wig fell off as her head hit the soup bowl at a swank Lake Shore Drive condo?

HOW DOES GORGEOUS MELANIA TRUMP, wife of The Donald, keep her fab figure and her sanity? “I eat fruit, for energy and nutrition, and I try to maintain a good balance between cardio and Pilates,” she said. “My son, Barron, takes all my stress away.” (And how is your 2011 diet plan coming along?)

THE WORST DISH EVER … Have you heard of the Hindenbird? It is a deboned rotisserie chicken, filled with marshmallows, stuffed into a chocolate-covered watermelon, which is then doused with brandy and set on fire.



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