Popular TV Show ‘Empire’ Features Clothes from Chicago Fashion Designer

The Windy City is more than prevalent in the smash-hit television show Empire, but many Chicagoans may not be aware that the stylish wardrobes they see on the show are made by More »

Medical Marijuana Ads Facing Censure

Cresco Labs, a medical marijuana business in Illinois, is launching a $1 million marketing campaign that’s going to include print advertising, radio commercials, billboards, social media campaigns, and notices in health publications. More »

Motorola Solutions Will Relocate Headquarters to Chicago By Next Summer

Motorola Solutions has just announced that it will be closing its headquarters in suburban Schaumburg and relocating into the city of Chicago by next summer, according to a joint statement from Mayor More »

Victims of Gun Violence in the South Side Will Soon Have a Better Chance at Survival, Thanks To New Trauma Care Center

After years of resident protests, Chicago’s South Side is finally expected to receive an adult trauma center to help combat gun violence in one of the city’s most violent neighborhoods. Health officials More »

Lil BUB to Host the Third Annual Chicago Internet Cat Video Festival

You don’t need to be too familiar with the Internet to know that most everyone on it loves cats. On average, Internet users conduct 12 billion online searches per month, many of More »

Studies Show Parents Nationwide Aren’t Practicing Safe Health Habits With Their Children


Almost half of all Americans — 48.5% — have used at least one prescription within the past month, including children, but according to a recent nationwide study, parents are giving their children wrong dosages of their prescription, which can potentially

Read the Fine Print: Chicago Universities’ Hidden Credit Card Costs

Credit cards close up

It may be becoming more common for students and their families to pay for tuition costs with a credit card, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the fine print. Throughout the United States, approximately 85% of large colleges and

Study Finds Illinois Emergency Room Visits Surged After Obamacare


Visits to the emergency room now number approximately 110 million each year, but Illinois, in particular, has recently seen an increase. A recent study by researchers at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has revealed that the state’s hospital